Treating a burn wound can be easy and simple but can also be very dangerous. Here is how you should treat it.
1. Start by immediately cooling the burn wound with either an ice pack or cold running water for 5-10 minutes.
2. Evaluate the severity of the wound. If only the top layer of skin is affected. The burn treatment can be carried out at home.
3. After keeping the wound under water for another 20-30 minutes, cover the wound loosely with a bandage and take a pain-reliever for however long the wound continues to hurt.
4. The burn should heal itself completely in 10-14 days. If It doesn’t, you will need to see a physician.

The writer wrote the text in order to ….

A.To tell how the burn happen.
B. To explain how to treat a burn.
C. To describe about a burn.
D. To tell how to escape from burn.



Jawaban paling cerdas!
B. To explain how to treat a burn.
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