Jawaban paling cerdas!
Man 1 : Wow, you are really good at playing with skateboard!
Man 2 : Yeah, I train my skill here a lot. Do you play with skateboard too?
Man 1 : Yes, but I am not as good as you
Man 2 : Well, thank you. By the way, what should I call you?
Man 1 : Oh, it’s Ganiar
Man 2 : And I am Rudi. Do you come here a lot?
Man 1 : Not really. This is my second time to be here. I came here with my friend. He is the one who comes here a lot.
Man 2 : Oh, really? What’s his name?
Man1 : His name is Terry
Man 2 : Oh, it’s Terry. Well, let’s try out your skill if you don’t mind. Um… what was your name again?
Man 1 : It’s Ganiar.
Man 2 : Well, alright Ganiar. Let’s play!
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