Naskah drama judulnya : the law of karma atau hukum karma
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Ini ceritanya lagi pesta gitu.

Katy : Hi, guys!
Emma, Selena, Jane, Victoria : Hi, Katy!
*mereka cipika cipiki*
Emma : How are you, Katy?
Katy : I'm doing good, thanks. And you Emma?
Emma : I'm fine too.
Selena : With whom are you coming to this party, Katy?
Katy : With Avril.
Jane : Where is Avril?
Katy : There. She is taking some drink.
Jane : Oh, maybe she is thirsty.
Victoria : By the way, your dress looks nice, Katy! I love it!
Katy : Ouch, thank you so much Vic! 
Jane : The dress made of silk, right?
Katy : No, it is made of chiffon.
Jane : I think silk. It looks like silk.
Katy : No. You're wrong, Jane.\
Jane : Oh, I'm sorry, Katy.
Katy : No problem.
Emma : Have all of you taken some food?
Katy : No.
Jane : No, I haven't.
Selena : No.
Victoria : Not yet. I'm full.
Emma : Let's have some food.
Victoria : I just want some a soft drink.
Emma : Okay. Let's go over there.
*mereka bareng bareng ke tempat makanan dan minuman*
Selena : Sorry guys, I'm in hurry. My boyfriend is waiting for me. He invite me to go with her.
Emma and Jane : Oh, okay. Doesn't matter. 
Selena : Okay.
Victoria : Take care on the way, Selena!
Selena : Okay, see you guys!
Victoria, Emma, Jane and Katy : See you!

*Maaf kalau dialognya gak nyambung
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