Jawaban paling cerdas!
Fitri :Hello Dewi,Look at my new purse.I made it by myself
Devi :Hello Rina,Hey,that's nice.isn't that your old purse?The one that we bought two year ago?
Fitri :Yeah,that's right
Devi :how did you do that?
Fitri :Sorry,what did you say?
Devi :How did yo do that,Rina?
Fitri : oh,well,first,I just added some colorful buttons,Then,four-five glittery beads ,Finally I gave my magic finishing touch,he..he..

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A: how's life?
b: good, only, i just got an accident and broke my knee
a: pardon?

intinya, asking for repetition itu meminta pengulangan. seperti dialog di atas. itu pun cuma contoh singkat yang masih harus dikembangkan, ada pertanyaan, just go on