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Mrs. Ratih : Excuse me. I want to check my son’s illness. Where should I go?
Receptionist : You can go ahead to check up your son with Children Specialist Doctor on the second floor.
Mrs. Ratih : Could you point me where the room is?
Receptionist : It’s on the second floor. You can go there by taking the elevator.
Mrs. Ratih : Very well. Thank you.
Receptionist : You’re welcome.
Andy : Where are we going, Mom?
Mrs. Ratih : We’re going to the Children Specialist Doctor’s room on the second floor for checking up your illness.

[In the front of Children Specialist Doctor’s room]
[At the registrations counter]
Mrs. Ratih : Excuse me. I want to check up my son’s illness.
Nurse : Firstly, you need to fill in this form and take your queue number and then sit down to wait until your queue number is called.
Mrs. Ratih : [Filling in the form and taking the queue number] Here you are. Thank you.
Nurse : Please have a seat while waiting.
[15 minutes later]
Nurse : Andy Hamzah, number 7!
Mrs. Ratih : Look, our number is mentioned. Let’s go enter the room, Dear.
Andy : Mom… um… I’m afraid. Will the doctor inject me?
Mrs. Ratih : Don’t worry, my dear. Mom will never leave your side.
Andy : Alright. Thank you, Mom.
[Inside the doctor’s room]
Mrs. Ratih : Good morning, Doc.
Doctor : Good morning, Ma’am. Please have a seat.
Mrs. Ratih : Thank you, Doc.
Doctor : Good morning, little guy. What is your name?
Andy : Um… my name is Andy.
Doctor : Wow, you look tough. How old are you?
Andy : I’m 9 years old.
Doctor : So, what brings you here, Dear?
Andy : Um… I had a fever and my throat is sore.
Mrs. Ratih : Yes, Doctor. Last night he had a fever. Then I gave him some medicine to bring down his fever. And this morning, I thought that his fever had gone away, but after he woke up he said that he got fever again. This time his temperature was higher than last night. He complains that his throat is sore too.
Doctor : Okay…. Could you open your mouth widely, Andy? Say Aaaaa….
Andy : [opens his mouth widely]
Doctor : I think Andy gets Pharyngitis or sore throat. Did you eat some hot foods or salty snacks like chips, Andy?
Andy : Um.. Yes, I think I ate too much potato and barbeque chips two days ago.
Doctor : I suggest you not to eat salty snacks and chips too much, Andy. They can get your throat irritated and infected like now. But don’t worry with my medicines you’ll be fine soon.
Andy : Thank you, Doctor.
Doctor : Here is the prescription, Ma’am. You can go to the first floor to complete the administration needs.
Mrs. Ratih : Thank you, Doc.
Doctor : Good bye, Andy. Get well soon.
Andy : Yes. Thank you, Doctor.
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