One day, Loni was searching where the florist located was. She asked to Bonni.
Loni : "Excuse me .. could you tell me where the florist is , please?"
Bonni : The florist? mm..yes, I know. It is in Mawar road, near by toy store. Do you follow me?
Loni : Yes , I follow you. Thank you so much
Bonni : Don't mention it.

Then , Loni went to the florist. She bought bouquet flowers. After it , on the way Loni met her classmate, John.

John : Hi Loni. What are you doing here?
Loni : I've just bought a bouquet flower.
John : Wow, what a beautiful flower!
Loni : He he ..thank you. ..
Sally : Excuse me!
Marry : Hy Sally! Whats up?
Sally : I wanna show you my handmade. What do you think about it?
Marry : Wow, its beautiful.
Sally : Thank you. What about your handmade do you think it is good?
Marry : Yes it is good.
Sally : Realy?
Marry : Yes it is. Come on i'll show to you!
Sally : Ok. Come on

Maaf ya kalau salah!