Create a dialogue based on one of the following situations :
a. your friend cannot pay his school fees
b. your teacher ask you to finnish the school project proposal
c. a friend is coming from kalimantan

help me please! thx



Ini kan disuruh bikin dialog doang, dialog yang bertema/bersituasi ketika :

1. Temanmu tidak bisa bayar spp.
2. Gurumu menanyakan anda untuk menyelesaikan tugas proyek proposal.
3. Teman yang datang dari kalimantan.

Ente buat dulu aja dialognya trus ditranslate lewat google translate atau lainnya
S: hi buddy, why you look so sad?
d: oh no nothing im fine really.
s: oh c'mon, you know im your friend. i know whether you sad or not. just tell me, whats wrong?
d: i, you know my parent had been splited off, amd oversince my mom cannot afford my school fees. i just i dont know, how to my mom pay my school fees.
s: oh no, im so sorry to hear that, mmm okay, i can help you actually.
d: really? how?
s: teach me math! yeah and you'll be my math mentor, and i will tell my mom and pay you like that? lol how do you think, that's great you know.
d: oh my god, thank you so much, pal. you such a best friend, i'd love to teach math!
s: greaaat! lets start it tomorrow okayy.

hope it helps, maaf klo ada yg salah
*how to help my mom pay my school fees