1.Who figures in the story are Jaka Tarub?
Answer:Jaka Tarub and The Pink Fairy
2.Fairy who had taken her shawl by Jaka Tarub
Answer: The Pink Fairy
3.Who is the named of the daughter of Jaka Tarub and Pink Fairy?
Answer: Kumala Sari
4.Where the Fairy Pink find her shawl?
Answer: At Jaka Tarub's barn.
5.When The Fairy Pink Find her shawl
Answer : When she looking for a bundle rice in the Jaka Tarub's Barn
6.What the reaction of Jaka Tarub when he knows if Pink Fairy find her shawl in Jaka Tarub's barn
Answer:Jaka Tarub reaction is shocked and confused
7.Is Pink Fairy returned to heaven after she find her shawl?
Answer: yes,she is
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