Complete the missing words with correct subjec pronoun

1. i have two brothers and a sister. they ........ students 2. my brothers.....vevry kind to me and my sister.......very kind, too. 3.i and my sister have a cat
4.the the cage
5.the the cage
6.the cage......behind my house. friend's and i play football sunday afternoon.......usually play football in the square
8.the students are in the classroom... are studying english cat and dog are under the table .... are sleeping now.
10. you do not bring a pen.... may borrow my pen. i brings pens.
my father has two cars .... are in the garage.





1. Are
2. Is
3. Is
4. Is
5. Is
6. Is
7. We
8. They
9. They
10. -
11. They

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