The Jasmine plant is an evergreen plant that known for its beautiful Jasmine flowers with a unique fragrance. The Jasmine plant varies in form, from a vine, shrub or small tree. The Jasmine plant has dark green, 3 to 6 inch long, smooth and shiny leaves. It grows to the height of 12 feet and forms a large mound. Its sprawling stems are at 4 to 8 inches in length, feeble and require support. The Jasmine plants grow quickly and use other plants to support their growth.The Jasmine blooms delicate, beautiful, sweet scented flowers from late spring and throughout the summer. Several species of Jasmines flower in winter while the branches are bare. The Jasmine flowers bloom almost continuously. The Jasmine flowers are usually pure white, but yellow may be found too. The Jasmine flowers are borne in clusters of 2-14 flowers on the woody stem tips. The Jasmine flower is a small, 1 inch in width, dainty, five-petaled, tubular flower. The Jasmine flower only opens at night time and release strong, sweet smell. The Jasmine flowers are followed by small berries that are shiny white, fleshy in color.
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