Andi   : Good morning, Edi
Edi     : Good morning, Andi. And who is the girl beside you?
Andi   : This is my cousin. Eli, please introduce yourself.
Eli      : Hello, my name is Eli. I came from Belgia and I'm twenty now. Nice to meet             you. Can I know your name?
Edi     : My name is Edi. I'm Andi's room mate. Nice to meet you.
Andi   : By the way, what are you doing here? Waiting for someone?
Edi     : Yes. My friend will coming here soon. OH, there she is!
Stella : Sorry to keep you waiting, Edi.
Edi     : No problem.
Stella : Thank you. And who are they? Your friends?
Edi     : Yes. This is my friend and his cousin.
Andi   : My name is Andi and this is Eli. Nice to meet you, Stella.
Eli      : Nice to meet you.
Stella : Nice to meet you two too.
Andi   : Stella, sorry if I rude to you but why you look so manly?
Edi     : That's because she's a cross-dresser from beginning.
Andi & Eli : WHAT?!

Yang kalimat Andi bertanya mengapa Stella terlihat gagah itu bisa dihilangkan saja, itu hanya lelucon belaka.
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