Jawaban paling cerdas!
A: next week is our teacher birthday, isn't it
B: yes it is. lets give some present !
A: yeah, what about we give some bag for our teacher ?
B: that is good, but i think give our teacher birthday cake is more better, so we can eat the cake too
A: you're right, let's collect money from other friends to buy the cake.
Diva (leader) : Hi friends... Two days later is our English teacher birthday! Mmm... what present that we will give it to her?
Asa : Mmm.... what about a watch? Our English teacher likes a watch very much, doesn't she?
Alsy : Yes, you right..
Husein : Mm... Yeah, that's great idea. But I think firstly we must buy a cake birthday.
Flaneta : Yes, I'm agree with you!
Mayang : Okay then, let's collect money to buy a cake and a watch
(All of students) : Yeahh..