My name is andre. I am fourteen years old. I have a little brother. His name is andy. He is four years youngers than me. Two days ago Andy had a 1_______. My mother tried to lower the fever by giving him some 2_______. However,the next day, his fever had still not gone down. So she took Andy to the 3______. In the hospital,the doctor 4_______ Andy. Then he said that Andy had 5_______. My mother was very worried my father tried to calm her down because Andy's 6_______ was not very bad. "There is still hope," said the doctor to my mother. Every day, the doctor 7______ Andy and gave him the proper 8_____ and medicine. Finally a week after, Andy's fever had gone down. The doctor told us that the critical time had passed and Andy could go home as soon as possible.



1. fever
2. medicane
3. hospital
4. check
5. scarlet fever
6. disease
7. treating
8. drug

i'm sorry if my answer is wrong. i just a ordinary people
1 4 1
1. fever
2. medicine
3. hospital
4. examine
5. typhoid
6. condition
7. check
8. treatment
2 5 2