Match the situation in column A with the suitable suggestions in column B. more than one answer is possible.
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1. my aunt gave me a cigarette lighter a. you should have spoken to him about it
for my birthday but I don't smoke b. I would have told her that I'd prefer
2. I saw a classmate cheating on an exam. something else
so I wrote her a letter about it c. I would have spoken to the teacher
3. A friend of mine often smells bad. so I put about it
some deodorant in his bag d. I would have waited for the owner to
4. I hit someone's car as I was leaving come back
a parking lot. luckily no one saw me e. you could have exchanged it for
5. the teacher borrowed my favourite book something else
and spilled coffee all over it f. you could have warned her not to do it
g. you could have left a note for the owner



1. B
2. C
3. A
4. D, G
5. F

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