I will description about lecturers I have a father, he lives in D-16 block, cendrawasih street, Nglawak, Kertosono. But if he work in Surabaya,he lives in academy of nutrient dormitory. He is tall, he has black and white straight hair, brown skin color and short nose. He wears a glasses and a batik clocthes . He works in academy of nutrient Surabaya. He lecturers some student in the diploma 3 nutrient class and scholar nutrient class. He subject teaching is chemical, food technology, mikro biology food, quality supervision of food, program management nutrient, citizenship and science & technology. Beside that, he also worked on the taks that have been given by the leader, like doing administrasion, annual report, manage the procurement of goods in office, etc. Another the taks of a lecturers is doing to provide guidance students, like doing curricular activities, coaching talent and leadership student basic training. A lecturers also doing dedication to the community like doing sosial service activities, nutrient counseling on the radio and in community healt centers and coaching posyandu. As for the other taks a lectures that is no less important is to increase knowledge, follow the actifities seminar and doing nutrient research. He is friendly, patient, discipline, and humoris . So, many student like him.
Terimakasih ya.. Saya jadi tahu storry tellingg itu gimana.. :D