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How to make a godoh cake
1. Fisrt, we take ripe bananas.
2. Second, we peel them.
3. Third, we slice bananas into 2 parts.
4. Fourth, put the rice flour in a bowl.
5. Then, add some sugar into it.
6. After that, pour some water into it.
7. Next, mix them well.
8. Next, boil the vegetable oil and wait for about 5 minutes.
9. After that, dip the banana to the mixture.
10. Then, fry it about 3 minutes.
11. And godoh is ready to be served.

Question :
1. How many steps that you need to make it?
2. How much time we need to make it?
3. "we slice banana into 2 parts". The word 'slice' has similar meaning with?

Thanks for your answer.



1. 11 steps
2. 5 minutes ?
3. cut, shave, carve dll