( you are at the zoo, and you want to take a pic with the hippo) 
a : hello
b : hello
a : whats up?
b : im good thanks you?
a : fine as well
b : is it your first time going to the zoo?
a : yes its my first time, by the way, can you take a pic of me with this hippo?
b : sure
( taking a pic)
b : there you go!
a : thanks,
b : you're welcome
Lani : Hy Dina
Dina : Hy Lani, tomorrow I have a party
Lani : Really??
Dina : But, I have a problem
Lani : What's your problem?
Dina : Can you help me?
Lani : Yes, but what's your problem?
Dina : can you ask my friends come to my party?
Lani : Okay.
Dina : Thank You
Lani : Your Welcome
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