A: hi all.... are you ready to learning a group?
all: yes, we are ready
A: well, we start now.
B: incidentally, i have been working on a couple of numbers. are you agree with my answer?
A: yes, i am agree. hey, dont talk, please pay attention to B!
C: oh... i am sorry!
D: we will be hear you
C: ok, what number should we do?
D: we better for the task. i will be some numbers with B
C: i will a few numbers with A
B: ok lets do it now!
all: OK!

A, B, C, D, bisa diubah menjadi nama orang....

maaf ya kalau jawabannya kurang tepat.... terima kasih ^^
makasih jawabannya sangat membantu,,bagus kok
tapi m aaf bisa dibuat bahasa indonesianya gk