Suppose you are leading discussion. one of the members is presenting his/her idea. however, there are two members who are talking to each other. they don't pay attention to their friend. you hasten their attention. how would the conversation go



Nadya : the leader
Katya : presenting ideas
Johnn : talking to Carl
Carl : talking to Johnn

Nadya : Guys, it's time to discuss our projects!
Katya : may I tell you my ideas?
Nadya : of course Kat!
Katya : we should make an project with an really unique things
Nadya : OK!
Johnn and Carl : lets just go talk about last nght movie
Katya : and, we should add some more ideas that we search in the net
Johnn and Carl : last night movie was great! its fun
Nadya : Johnn! Carl! lets listen to Katya's ideas!
Johnn and Carl : we are sorry Nadya. We will listen to Katya's idea
Nadya : thanks!

maaf jika salah,
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