1)I go to school
2)She eats her breakfast
3)There is a test today
4)They do not come to school today
5)I run around the park
6)He climbs up the tree
7)We always walk to school
8)You drink your tea
9)you don't drink your tea
10)do you drink your tea?
11)The cat walks slowly
12)Lila and Doni ride a bicycle
13)She does not hear you
14)Does he want to meet you?
15)I fall to the pond
16)Do I fall to the pond?

Rumus= (+)Subject+Verb1+Object+(keterangan waktu/tempat)
              (-)S+Do/Does+not+V1+O+(keterangan waktu/tempat)
              (?)Do/Does+S+V1+O+(keterangan tempat/waktu)+?.
kira-kira seperti itu,maaf kalau kurang.Kalau mau tanya di komen aja ya.....^_^