1. Can you help me?
2. I will go to Bali next week
3. I can play badminton
4. In the future I will be a doctor
5. Can I borrow your book?
6. I will come back to Indonesia
7. My family can buy many cars
8. My sister can make a cake
9. I can make you happy
10. I will pray for your happiness

can you help me ? 2 I will play the guitar 3 I CAN PLAY THE BADMINTON
mksd ?
Jawaban paling cerdas!
-will we go home ?
-we will stay here for a while
-mom will turn off the light
-they will go to beach tommorow
-my dad will be a teacher next month
-he will buy a new car
-she can swim in the pool
-you can join the party
-andy can speak english fluently
-marni can play guitar
-you can read it before
-i can ride the bicycle well
3 4 3