Past tense :
- I went to school
- Harry bought a shoes
- Adit told to me to go the market
- Virel walked away from his sister
- Peter closed the door in the morning
- William turned off the tv when he want to sleep
- Janshen shocked when he heard about his rabbit was die
- My uncle came to my house when i'm in school
- He was fighted with my brother
- I ate steak when he had stomachae

Kalimat nomina :
-They were students
-She was at the school
-It was very funny

Kalimat Verba :
-last year i apologized to her for coming late
-last week,Father approved of my brother marrying her
-two days ago They argued about politics
-this morning The policeman arrested the thief yesterday
-yesterday the climbers attempted to reach the top
-five minutes ago,he bowed before the king
-yesterday,the large wave capsized the boat,causing many people to drown
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