ü Do you
understand me?

ü Is what i've
just said clear enough?

ü Do you get
what i said?

ü Did i
explain it clearly?

ü Do you want
to ask something from what it’s just said?

ü Do you know
what I mean?

ü Do you know
what I’m saying?

ü Do you

ü Are you
following me

ü Are you with
me so far?

ü Have you got

ü Any

ü Got it?

ü Any problem

ü Can you
accept my explanation ?

ü It is clear

ü Have you got

ü What do you
think ?

ü Is my
explanation clear ?

ü Can you help
me with my homework?

ü Creating a

Jawaban Di atas Apa

Jika Semia mengerti
contoh ( i understand,i follow you)



Nggak semua tapi responnya biasanya:
1. yes, i can understand you.
2. Yes, i can hear you clearly
3. Yes, i got what you said
4. Yes, you explain it clearly
5. No, I already understand you.
6. Yes, I know what you say / sure, I know
7. Yes, I do everything I can to help you finish your homework
8. Yeah, I got it

dsb yg seperti itu. kalo misal ternyata respon diminta negatif, tinggal ubah susuanan katanya aja menjadi pola negative.