1. Did you understand?
2. Did I explain it clearly?
3. Do you know what I mean?
4. Do you get the point of what I said?
5. Don't you understand what I say?
6. Can you catch the point?
7. Can you understand me?
8. Is what I've said clear enough?
9. Did you get it?
10. Got it?

1. Yes, I understand
2. Yes, you did
3. Yes, I know
4. Yes, I do
5. Yes, I can
6. Yes, I got the point
7. Don't worry, I get all of what you said
8. Yes, I can hear you clear.
9. Yes, I did.
10. Sure
11. Of course

1. No, I cant understand you
2. No, I cant catch the point
3. No, I didn't understand
4. No, please speak more loudly
5. No, I don't know what you mean
6. No, I don't understand.

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