Faris: Hey Egi! How if i Playing games with you??
Egi   : ummm Okay!

Faris: Hey Egi! How if i Steal your Girlfriend? [[LOL]]
Egi   : NO!!! You must find a Girl by yourself!!

-Maaf itu cuma yang Pendek
masih ada yang lain yang lebih panjang sedikit? gabungan agreement dan disagrement ?
Ok Tunggu
Faris : Our earth is getting hotter. It’s because a lot of illegal logging, greenhouse effects, air pollution by carbon dioxide, and much more. Haaah…. What should we do? Any idea?
Egi : Hmm I think we must do prohibition to use the vehicles.
Faris : Umm I’m not sure. Your idea is too excessive. It’s impossible. What do you think?
Raka : I think we must stop factory activities that damage the rivers for a while?
Lanjutin Ke Bawah ya...
Faris : Where we can get the plants?

Raka : My grandma sell a lot of plants. So, we can buy it.

Egi : That’s good idea!