Agnes Monica is one of my favorite female singer. She is the one who inspires me in singing a ballad and beat song. She is 165 cm tall and she is 49 kg weight. She has brown skin after she tanned her skin when she was in Los Angeles half year ago. She also has long hair that sometimes she makes her hair to match her style on the stage. When she performs on the stage, she always shows her beautiful feet and sexy body which makes her comfortable to sing a song especially beat song because she dances while singing the song.

            As my favourite female singer, she also has special characteristic. For example, her performance on the stage is very simple because she wears hot pants which usually accompany her when she rocks her fans in a live concert or other music events that she held. When she performed on the stage, she also usually wears sport shoes because she has to dance with her dancer in many of her songs. She wears high heels only when she sings ballad song and also when she comes to some special events.

            She always looks perfect in her style especially in her clothes and dress style. Although she only wears simple clothes like t-shirt, she still looks beautiful. She also wears glamour dress when she comes or is invited to the special events like music awarding, movie premiere and etc. In addition, she also usually wears some accessories such as rings, necklace, bangles, earings and she has a silver ‘navel ring’ pierced in her navel. In conclusion, she is my great favurite singer and trendsetter with her simple gorgeous style.