A : what do you think of the picture? Beni did it well, didn't he?
B : yes, he did.It is very beautiful

A : the meal is not delicious. is that how you say it?
B : i don't think so. It's nice

A : what do you think? is English easy or difficult?
B : i think it's easy. i love english

A : what do you think if we use English in our English class?
B : yes, we will use English in our English class

A : what do you think of the picture?
B : I think it's good. i like the colour

A : what a wonderfull picture!
B : Thank you
A= Oh, Look a new student
B= Wow, she looks like a nerd, she doesn't have a good body too.
A= So rude! I think she looks like a smart girl and she look really friendly too!
C= Hello, my name is C, nice to meet you, can I ask you about this school?
A= Yeah, of course, this school has so many facilities and full with so many good friends!
B= Well, my name is B, I think that this school may not be too popular, but this school have a really good quality, from the education untill the books in the library, all awesome.
C= Sounds really interesting, Thank you guys, I think all of the students here are friendly like you guys! thanks
A&B= Thanks, see you later