Assalamu’alaikum wr wb
First of all let’s us give thanks for always kept in Allah SWT who has given grace and also health so that we can assemble this simple place aims weeks to discuss about the environment. 
 Then shalwa berangkaikan never bored greeting we had given to the lord of nature spirits that great prophet Muhammad,Environment is one thing that is very important for the survival of mankind and should for us to take good care. Our country is a country that has tremendous natural wealth. Indonesian forest long ago have become the lungs of the world and became one of the foundations of the environmental balance in the entire world. When developed countries smoke because their industries, then our country clean up the pollution with green forests that exist in many areas. 
However, now we have to take an action to save our forests. Lungs of the world that we have is being lost due to illegal logging and forest fires. If the deforestation continues, it is not impossible if we are going to lose the forest and eventually global warming will continue to increase. 
When the forest we have started getting damaged, I believe that one day we no longer could feel the fresh air and the cool breeze at noon time. Our country will turn into a very hot country and tortured. Weather changes are present in this country can not be predicted and the arrival of the dry season would be more quickly and last longer. Are we willing to lose if the Indonesian forests and turn into like that? Of course not.
For that always let us always keep our environment especially keeping our environment. Thank’s for attention, I desist Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb 
semoga membantu.