Carilah dimensi dari:
a. percepatan
b. massa x percepatan
c. impuls = gaya x selang waktu
d. momen gaya = gaya x panjang lengan
e. daya = usaha/waktu
f. usaha = gaya x perpindahan
g. momentum = massa x kecepatan
h. tekanan = gaya/luas
i. massa jenis = massa/volume
j. energi potensial
k. berat jenis = berat/volume
l. massa x percepatan gravitasi
m. tegangan permukaan = gaya/luas permukaan



ACCELERATION: Velocity = Displacement/Time
Velocity = L/T
Acceleration = L/T2So Dimensional Formula of Acceleration= M0L1T-2
[MASS] x [Acceleration] has the dimensions [mass] x [length/time2], and that's exactly [force] which makes everything beautiful.
the IMPULSE OF FORCE can be extracted and found to be equal to the change in momentum of an object provided the mass is constant.
density = weight / volume -another popular unit is g/cm3. In any case, you have to divide a mass by a volume. Therefore, the dimension for density is [mass] / [length]3.
PRESSURE as `force per unit area' In the SI system of metric units the standard unit of pressure is the pascal (Pa) , (given the area in square metres and the force in newtons.) The pressure P on any surface can be calculated by taking the applied force F and dividing it by the surface area A over which the force is applied.
1Pressure is equal to  1N over m^{2}