Pliss bantu aku,, buatin dialog singkt 2 orang.
ada 6 dialog tentang suggest dan offer,,terserah suggets/offer yg pling bnyak
sama ngeresponnya juga ya.. temanya terserah ,, tapi saya harap mudah di hapal dan jelas



A: Hello, Good morning
B: Good Morning too
A: What are you doing?
B: I am going to go mall, but no one can help me to go there
A: maybe I can help you if you want
B: Are you sure? thank you
A: you' re welcome. let's follow me. my car park at there
B: ok
(In mall)
A: What will you do at mall?
B: I will eat some food at there. Do you wanna join with me?
A: Yes, maybe i suggest we can eat at McDonald
B: yes, i think that's good idea. thanks for your suggestion
A: you're welcome