Chosse one of the word in the brackets
1.we buy (orange/oranges).
2.I have two (box/boxes) of apples.
3.A (bus/buses) is a big vehicle.
4.I need a pair of (glass/glasses).
5.we have two english (teacher/teachers).
6.Rafdi is a(boy/boys).
7.There are twenty (computer/computers) in the labiratory.
8.Give me a (loaf/loaves) of bread. me a bar of(soap/soaps).
10.Mother gives me a (bar/bars) of chocolate.



1. Orange
2. Boxes
3. Bus
4. Glass
5. Teachers
6. Boy
7. Computers
8. Loaf
9. Soap
10. Bar

Sorry if it wrong :)
1.) We buy orange
2.) I have two box of apple
3.) A bus is a big vehicle
4.) I need a pair of glass
5.) We have two english teacher
6.) Rafdi is a boy
7.) There are twenty computers in the labiratory
8.) Give me a loaf of bread
9.) buy me a bar of soap
10.) Mother gives me a bar of chocolate