Give your response to the following situations !
1). Mr.Hasbi : "Excuse me. Cond you be kindly helping me with this heavy bag?(you say you will be glad to help)

2). Desri : Can i help you taking those books up stair?(you refuse Desri 'i politely)

3). Mrs.Tri : Young man , can you show me the way to the travel agency!(you say you will helpher until she reaches the travel agency)

4). Your Sister : Let me help you to cook that vegetables (you accept your sister's help with pleasure)

*help me☺



1. me : Sure. I'll be glad to.
2. me : thanks, but I can take it by myself
3. me : sure. just go straight away then left turn.
4. me : thank you for your help.
3 4 3
1. okay, glad can help you
2. i'm sorry, I can't. There are many homework waiting me
3. sure. I will accompany you until we are arrive in travel agency
4. sure. I love cooking!
1 5 1