Sellamat sore.
tolong dong,,, bikinan saya percakapan bahasa inggris yg tema nya tentang kesedihan. yg cerita percakapan itu harus bgini: ayah sya kan bekerja,, nah boss nya ayah sya memecat ayah sya, jd sperti itu ya konsep atau isi percakapannnya. mohon bantuannya.
saya tunggu ya!



Jawaban paling cerdas!
Me : Hey, Dad!
Dad : Hey too, my dear Jessica!
Me : You look sad, Dad. What's the matter?
Dad : I'm having a bad day because of something happened in the office just now.
Me : Do you want to share it with me? It's okay if you don't want.
Dad : I guess I will just share it to your Mom first. Maybe you can go to my bedroom if you want to know too.
Me : Okay, Dad.
Mom : My dear husband, are you fine? You look really down. Did something happen in the office?
Dad : boss sacked me this evening...
Mom : Oh, dear! Are you okay?
Dad : I'm not really okay though. I've been working there for many years and now it happens so suddenly...I'm still shocked of it.
Mom : Why did he do that?
Dad : It was because his company kept on having losses so he wanted to close his company before it went bankrupt.
Me : Cheer up, Dad! There are still many opportunities for you to get a new job! You are such a good man with nice personality and attitude. Don't worry, you will get a new job soon!
Dad : Thanks for your motivation, Jessica. I'm thinking maybe I will just help your mother in her bakery shop.
Mom : I think it's a good idea. My shop is lacking of a pastry chef and I know that you are really good in baking. Cheer up, dear!
Me : Yeah, Dad. I agree with Mom. Don't be sad again, Dad. Both of us will always be here for you.
Dad : Thank you, my dear wife and daughter. I'm a lot better now.
semoga bermnfaat :)))
iya terima kasih. emmmm bisa gak bikinin lg,, percakapan itu harus ada 2 orang, bukan 3 orang. makasi
Diedit aja jdi gini : Dari hey dad sampai okay dad dihilangin. trs, bagian Me yg blg cheer up itu dignti jdinya Mom yg blg trs "Cheer up, Dad" jdi "Cheee up, dear". trs "Thanks for your motivation, Jessica" jessicanya dihilangin. "help your mother in her" jdi "help you in your". "Cheer up dear" dignti jdi "Don't be sad again, dear". bagian Me yg "yeah, dad..." dihilangin aja. kata daughterny dihilangin aja