A: Hi, guys. Are you free this weekend?
B: I think so.
C: I'm free.
D: Me too.
E: Yeah, but why?
A: My brother's birthday is on Sunday and he held a party to celebrate it. Would you like to come?
B,C,D: Sure. I will.
A: Thank you. How about you, E?
E: I don't think that I could make a come. It's true that I'm free but I should take care of my 2-years-old sister. My parents is on a trip for bussiness until next week. I'm sorry.
A: It's okay.
E: But wait. I have something for your brother. Here it is.
B: Wow, is that you who made it?
C: It such a great painting.
D: That's really cool, Man. Hey, you should tell me at least that you're good at this.
A: Do you know how great it is? Oh, Man. Thank you. My Brother will like it a lot.
E: You're welcome. It would be nice if he really like it.