Expression of sadness :i was sad to here that ... ,oh, no ! , i can’t hold on the tears anymore, so sad . exspression of love : i have crush on you , from the first i met youx'i think i love you , i live you , mom..
Expressions of love                                                    Responses                        
 I love you                                                       accepting love : I am very fond of you                                        * I love you too I am attracted to you                                         * I am also very fond of you     I fall for you                                                      * It's not one-sided I am in love with you I have a crush on you                                     Rejecting love : I have a thing for you                                        * I am sorry. I don't feel the same I really fancy you                                              * I'm afraid i don't have the same feeling. Iam smitten by you                                           * I'm afraid i can't accept your love

Exppresions of sadness                                             Responses
I am so sad                                                       * Take it easy This is the lowest time in my life                         * It'll get better soon I feel really awful                                               * lighten upI feel very down                                                * Cheer up  I am blue