Make sentences based on the situation below!

1. bani won speech competiton. his friends talks about him.
2. tuti is missing for three days. her friends worry her.
3. you have just watched football match. your team won the match. tell your friend about it.
4. anto found a wallet in the street. it has a lot of money in it. he told his father.
5. the rain is falling. you can't go home. you call you brother to pick you up.



1. Did you hear that ? Bani won speech competition, he is really awesome.
2. What happen to Tuti ? it seems that we have to go to her house 
3. Yeay, Chelsea won ! it was predictable.
4. Dad, i found a wallet when i am on the way home, there's a lot of money here. What should i do ?
5. Brother, please come here. The rain is falling heavily, i don't have any umbrella, so could you please pick me up ?