Tman2 tolong di artiin dnk pr b.ingris q,,,pliiissssss :-(
A Day in my Life
my day usually begins at six thirty. i get up and do some exercises for about fifteen minutes. then i take my shower.after my shower, i get dressed and have breakfeast with my family. i usually have a light breakfast, consisting of toast and coffee. at seven thirty i leave for school.
i usually take the bus to school. i catch the bus near my house and then walk from the bus stop to school. it takes about thirty minutes to get from my home to school. my first class is at eight thirty and i usually finish school at three. sometimes, i stay late to have a game of volley ball or to work in the library.
i usually reach home at around our o'clock. when i get home, i like to watch TV for a while. then i start my home work. i have dinner at seven o'clock. after that i often have more home work to do. sometimes i watch television or go out with friends after dinner. i generally go to bed around ten thirty.

gmna caranya,,,???????? aq gak ngerti,,??
mnding lgsung ak jwbin,soalnya apa?:o
ya diartikanlah, -_-
sehari di dalam hidup saya.
masak ya cuma suruh ngartiin-,-


Pada suatu hari, (saya nggak bisa naik turunkan scrool)