Hey kanza what are you doing? | i cook the chicken for tonight | how about i cook the rice for tonight? | dont worry i will do it myself | i think you should call your sister, that would be lovely | ok thank you | you're welcome
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A : hi, what are you do know about d?
b : why?
a : she doesn't go to school for few days, she gets asthma
c : how if we visit her after school?
a,b : okey

in d's house

b : hi d are you feel better?
a : i bring bread and milk for you
d : thanks guys, my condition is not better. my breath is difficult and not stabil
c : why don't you take to a doctor?
d : i do, but my condition still not better. what should i do?
c : i think you should practice your breath by doing sport every morning and keep your health
d : okay, i will do it. thanks for your advice
a,b,c : never mind
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