Sally : Hey, Mom! What are you doing in the kitchen?
Mom : Hey too, dear! I'm just baking a tiramisu for your sister's birthday party.
Sally : Why don't you just buy the cake from a cake shop?
Mother : It's because your sister likes to eat my tiramisu, so I want to make it specially for her. Would you like to help me?
Sally : Yeah, sure Mom! What can I help?
Mom : Help me to beat the egg yolks in the bowl.
Sally : Okay, Mom.
Mom : Then, beat in the sugar and the Marsela wine. After that, transfer the bowl over a pan of slimerring water and whisk until the cream thickens.
Sally: Yes, Mom.
Mom : Okay, I will mash the macarpone cheese in the bowl. Are you done?
Sally : Yes, Mom.
Mom : Pour it into this bowl of mascarpone cheese.
Sally : Okay, Mom.
Mom : Do you want to mix them?
Sally: Yeah, sure Mom.
Mom : Yey! We are done making the zabaglione filling. Now, I am going to assemble the cake. You go prepare the coffee dip.
Sally: Yes, Mom.
Mom : Do you know how to make it?
Sally : Of course, Mom. All I have to do is to read the recipe and it looks easy.
Mom : Okay, I definitely have faith in you. I'm done! Now, we just need to refrigerate it for 3 to 4 hours and the tiramisu cake is ready to be served!
Sally : Wow, Mom! It looks delicious! I can't wait to eat it!
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