A : Hi, good morning friend.B : Hi, morning too.A : This morning is so beautiful. It is right?B : I think tooA : Btw, what happened with you?B : Nothing. Why?A : You look sad. What happened with you today?B : I am just very lazy to do anything today.A : Why? You can tell me now.B : I don`t know. Now i can`t tell you because i`m so confused.A : Ok. No problem. Btw, how was your  friend`s party last night?B : It is better not to debate about that again please.A : Why? I think it is very pleased to you cause that party was so glamour.B : No. It is not for meA : Tell me please. I will listen to your story.B : Ok. In fact, i`m really unhappy last night.A : Come on, tell me please.B : But, you must promise to me that you will not laugh my story.A : I promise, i will not laugh that.B : I don`t read the invitation carefully and i miss the information about the dress code.A : Really? Then, what happened with you?B : i was just wearing shirt and jeans pants. In the situation we were using dress codeA : it is really embarrassing. What about the dress code?B : we must wear halloween dress code and the maskA : oh my GOD, it is very embarrasingB : yess, allright. That`s all really embarrassmentA : don`t be sad guys. You can make it the unforgotable experienceB : i was so ashamedA : i feel too. But smile pleaseB : thanks friend. You have listened my embarrassment storyA : ur welcome. It is really a good storyB : what do you say to me?A : nothing. I just kidding friend