A : Hello !!
B,C,D : Hi !
A: How Are you?
B : Im fine
C : Im feeling great
D: im good
C : what is your name?
A : My name is.... and what is your name?
C : My name is ....
A : How about you ?
B : My name is ...
A : And you. what is your name?
D : My name is ....
A : Nice to meet you all!
B: Nice to meet you too
C: yeah,nice to meet you too
D : nice to meet you too.where do you live?
A : I live in ,,,, .Where do you live?
D : I live in ..... and they live in .....
B,C : yes,you right!
A : Oh okay ,i have to go.see you later!!
B,C,D :Goodbye!!!

*itu titik titiknya diisi dulu sm nama &tempat