nine month you are pregnant me
day and night always bring me
haven’t you feel weak or fired?
mother, …
you give me sucj and take care of me
thanks for your kind
that already you give to me 
:) :)
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Jawaban paling cerdas!
your face is cool
i miss you very pampered right
you are a person who always protect our son
you never for us
you are our bases when we fall
you always wipeour tears when sad
you sick when we sick
mom i know your mind is

just want to see us always smiling, happy in our lives
never tired of you pray for what we desired goals
Mothers are always there to treat us, in her content until age
Although we mengecewakanmu mother, we hurt
Mother, sometimes a child will not be able to care for her mother until the age, a child will busy himself with his new family
and even a child can only be inconvenient and forget about her
Mother, we may not like it
I still will not idolaku else
I still love
I still dear
I want you mom proud melahirkanku to the world
Mom can not come kapanpu kumembalas your love
I love my mom

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