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Announcement On Saturday, All the second grade students should bring the craft that has been made as the final task​​. Collect the craft into the craft’s room that is next to the principal’s office. Put separately according to the class. Each student must write their name on top of the craft using a paper. All the students must bring their own task and there I will not let any student be late in collecting it.
Thank you for attention
        Mr. Robert
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School anniversary event organizers Senior High School 01 ……………………………
For all students of Senior High School 01, this school will hold a variety of competitions in order to 56th birthday celebration. In the competitions, our steering committee will hold five competition types as follows:
English speech inter-class competitionScrabble inter-class competitionEnglish debate school competitionFootball schools competitionBasketball schools competition
The series of events will be held from June 3rd, 2013 to June 21st, 2013. For the first and second categories, each class must send participants with a minimum of two people and a maximum of three people to enter the competition. Meanwhile, for the third and fourth category, we will do the selection done by a special team based on students’ data in last six months, because those competitions are going to involve entire school in the province.