I enjoy the journey along the road to look at each side of the road while driving a motorcycle but although this is common for me. Stop at a red light, back I saw a swarm of small singers with voices sweetly pengedara approached each stop, and not willing to give any pengenndara sedikt award them through small money. But as no-load sediktpun song they sing every verse, although maybe I know the life they experienced very heavy. To me they sometimes become simple entertainment that accompany each trip my morning before work.
Many stories unique experience suffered by a street musician, a lot of stories from the ups and downs that occur in their lives, although in general they look "bad" but actually they were good. Delinquency they only effect of the hard life they experience, just imagine if One of my children who were aged 7 years already faced on the street life is so hard and cruel. Do not we know that a person's character and nature can be formed of their living environment, or in other words, they follow their environment.