B : Hi Anna, what are you doing right now?
Anna : I am making plan for next week holiday to travel.
 B: So you always plan to travel when have a holiday?
Anna : Yes, I like to travelling.
B : Where do you want to go on next week?
Anna: I wanna go to Pulau Kakaban on Kalimantan Island, there a such beautiful beach, with a wonderful view.

contoh utk 2 orng aja,bisa ditambah orang aja ^_^

The last exam ended. Sonia had a long holiday. She asked to her parents to go out in her holiday.

Sonia : Mom.., In my long holiday, I want to go to the beach..
Mom : Yes , Sonia.. we will go to our grandma's house first in Banyuwangi and go to the beach later.
Sonia : Banyuwangi? Hurray!! There are many beautiful beaches in Banyuwangi... Thank you , mom.. and I missed grandma..
Mom : Yes , my girl... but I and father will work hard this week to earn money to go to Banyuwangi.. We plained to go there yesterday.
Sonia : Hmmm.. okay mom..

After a week, Sonia and her family will go to their grandma's house in Banyuwangi.

Peter : Sister.. we will have a great vacation ! I'm so happy
Sonia : Yes brother.. , so am I
Peter : Have you prepared your things?
Sonia : Yeah... just a half. and you?
Peter : I have prepared all of my thing..

one hour later, Father go home.. He felt so tired .

Mother : We have prepared our things.. but you look so tired. Take a rest
Father : yes.. I have to take a rest.

after than, Sonia's family go to the Banyuwangi ... They arrived there at about 10 o'clock pm. Then , they come to grandma....they take a rest .

*One day later, they go to the beach together. they have a great holiday.