Annie: "good morning.."
Tom: "good morning Annie!"
Sarah: "Morning Annie, Are you feeling better?"
Annie: "Yes, I am.. Thank you for asking!"
John: "Annie, do you know that tomorrow, we will have an English exam?"
Annie: "No, I don't.. What chapter is the exam?"
Tom: "Chapter 3 to chapter 4"
Sarah: "We're going to study for the exam at my house after school. Would you like to come?"
Annie: "Sure! Thanks for telling me about the exam!"
Tom, Sarah and John: "Your welcome"
Jawaban paling cerdas!
*Kring.. the bell rang.. all of students went inside the class. They prepared their books and their pen. Just a minute, teacher came to class.
Teacher : Good morning students!
Students (P,A,C) :Good morning maam..
Teacher : Okay now, you have to prepare one paper and pen. then put it on your desk. ... All bags must put in front of class !

The students was very panic.. they thought that they will have an exam.

Alex : Heyy.. is it exam?
Peter : I don't know.. but maybe yeah..
Alex : Have you studied last night?
Peter : Yeah.

and then teacher gave an exam paper to students.
"Don't cheat ! if I know student who cheat I'd like to punish him ! " said the teacher.
''Yes mam..." cried students.

After that , students do it.
some minutes later, Caroline knew that Alex cheat to Peter.. but, after that Alex knew that Caroline knew that his self did cheat.

Alex : "Ssst.. please don't tell the teacher !" said Alex softly.
Caroline : "But I will."
Alex : please.. noo..
Caroline : Mam ! Alex cheated Peter
Teacher : "what?! Is it really Alex?'
Alex : "Nope.. she was lie !"
Peter : "Yes mam, he cheated me cause he didn't study last night."
Teacher : "What? Alexx! I will punish you . Stand up with one foot in front of here and pull your ears with closed eyes until the lesson end !" said the teacher angrily..
Alex : "Pardon mee!!" cried Alex

#Nb : P -Peter,A-Alex, C-Caroline...
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