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Ass. Wr. Wb. 
Dear, Mr. Supervisor English teacher Indonesia As well as friends who I love and I'm proud 
First of all, let us pray together worship and praise Allah SWT. Because over abundance of grace and the gift, we can all come together in this event. 
Allow me to convey speech entitled "WARMING WORLD" 
What was WARMING WORLD????? World warming or cool term "GLOBAL WARMING" Process Improvement is the average temperature of the atmosphere, ocean, and Earth Mainland. World warming is a serious problem that is being faced by our world today. One result is the destruction of the ozone layer. 
Dear, Mr. Supervisor English teacher Indonesia As well as friends who I love and am proud of. 
Ozone layer is a layer of Earth's mantle, which serves to protect the earth and its contents from UV light directly. You can imagine if there is no ozone layer that protects the earth, then there will be no cycle of life on earth. 
According to research by the scientists of the world, ozone layer depletion has experienced over the years. Even now there are holes in the ozone dareahArizona. The ozone hole is formed because of the impact of a warming world. (Global warming), 
The impact of warming the world, Such as: Carbon emissions of Greenhouse Effect, Where the Greenhouse Effect Gases include residual disposal plant, Motor Vehicle Gas-Gas and Gas-Gas which is derived from livestock manure. 
The world is warming is a deplorable history of the early Earth formed till now. Ironically, our beloved country ranks third biggest CO2 emitter after the U.S. and China. True - really has tarnished the eyes of the international mukaIndonesiadi. Instead of carbon emissions from industry, but from the logging and burning of forests that are currently rife diIndonesiasejak 1997 to present. 
To prevent global warming con-manarus, tebaiknya solution is to fix the pattern of our lives. In an easy way. 
For example: 
Energy frugality. As in the use of fuel oil, electricity (do not use electronic devices when not obviously needs). Using a motor vehicle as needed. If it were just close, do not need to use a motorcycle or car. Reduce Eating food derived from livestock Reducing combustion. For example, the burning of garbage, avoid forest fires. Revegetation Forests that have been bald. Mangurangi Use of Plastics. Sekacil any attempt to hurt our beloved earth 
Speech so that I can say more and I apologize lack 
Wabbillahitaufik walhidayah,,,,
Wassalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatu
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