First of all, let’s say our praise and gratitude to
Allah Swt due to all of His rahmat, taufiq, and
hidayah upon all of us. shalawat and salam
may everlastingly be upon our Great Prophet
Muhammad Saw who had guided and led us
from dark into shining bright path.
To the honorable ladies and gentlemen and all
the audience,
We all know that some time ago that our and all
of the Indonesian people’s moods were not in
good condition because of the cultures we
have. It’s because of the heritages of our
ancestors belonged to us were unashamedly
claimed as Malaysian’s.
It is just an obvious snatching since the fact is
that the world has known that those cultures
they claimed were ours, Indonesian’s.
To recall this incident, let us evaluate
ourselves whether we have already loved our
cultures. Today there are lots of Indonesian
children and youngsters who know the best the
names of foreign singers and celebrities. This
is one of many globalization effects that have
spread to the entire nation. R & amp music; B,
Rock, House music are known better by our
youngsters than traditional dances that are
supposed to be perpetuated and developed. So,
who is wrong?
Why did our cultures become marginalized by
foreign cultures? In the educational point of
view, it is surely related strongly. The most
ironical thing from our nation’s behavior
towards our own arts and cultures is the
tendency of putting them into the lowest
concern from “early on”.
To the honorable ladies and gentlemen and all
the audience,
There are activities outside of academics
which are known best as extracurricular
activities. What really saddens me is regarding
why the total of extracurricular choices related
to art and culture of Indonesia are highly a few
even no choices at all. Most of extracurricular
activities are related to modern arts from
foreign countries, such as modern dances like
disco, samba, salsa, anisa, and many others.
There are no choices of extracurricular activity
(in West Java) like gamelan, jaipong dance,
and other kinds of art and culture especially
from West Java (Sunda).
This really is pitiful and endangers our
generation in the future time. The Department
of Education of West Java is supposed to make
some kind of deal with the Department of
Tourism and Culture in keeping the values of
art and culture from West Java. It could be a
must of every school in West Java to have
some extracurricular activities related to art
and cultures from West Java. Don’t make the
arts and cultures of West Java “meet the
extinction” because of the “contribution” in
educational fields that don’t “educate” the
children to love for their own art and cultures.
For me, the most serious issue is because this
“habit” has been going on for years even tens
of years. Don’t be regretful due to our arts and
culture that were finally “acquisitioned” by
other nations. This could be happening, why
Where do we have to start?
Of course we should start from our own
selves. If it’s not us who love our own cultures
then who else would? We must feel proud in
showing our self-esteems through our
cultures. Start from our selves, our families,
and our surroundings.
Introduce our cultures to our little children. Our
cultures are our nation’s self-esteem, our
self-esteem as people of nation.
I wish my words can open up our eyes and
rise our spirits on to begin loving own cultures.
I am proud of my ancestors’ heritages. I love
my mother land’s heritages. I love Indonesia.
Please forgive me for any mistake on my
jgn panjang2 isinya.. 11 bris aja isinya
itu kan bisa kamu rangkum
oke deh