In ancient times dense forests disebuah live animals named se hare, at that time the weather was sunny and sent a breeze that makes the deer become very sleepy. Finally, the deer have the initiative to take a walk in the woods that day was not in vain and that the deer do not feel sleepy anymore.

At that time the deer started walking around with his chest puffed out through the forest and finally he came to a hill, then the deer yell "O inhabitants of the forest, I was an animal that is intelligent, smart, and clever. No animals can match the intelligence, my intelligence and my intelligence ".

After shouting on the hill again sikancil continue its journey down the hill and eventually came across a river deer, the deer finally the suangai down and at that time the deer encounter occurs se snails and conversations between deer and slugs, deer greeted by the snail:

Slug: "O deer .....?".

(deer replied with arrogant and turned her face)
Hare: "Hi also slugs ..."

Slug: "Are you happy the deer ?, air before I hear you screaming at the top of the hill".

(Hare replied with an arrogant tone)
Hare: "Not really, I just have to notify all residents of the forest animals if I was smart, clever and smart and no one can match me".

(Snails resume talks with umbrage)
Slug: "Arrogant once you hare ...., I'm the most clever animals in the forest"

(the deer reply)
Hare: "Ah ... which might put a slug ..., your body is just a small, slowly your way, how could you be as smart as me and setangkas me .."

The snail angry and does not accept the deer and finally Snail challenging race to the deer to prove that the snail is the most intelligent animals and clever. and talk to the snail:
Slug: "Well deer .... what if tomorrow morning I challenge you to a race run"

With a smiling face menyepelehkan deer said:
Hare: "Huh ... Well ... I accept your challenge snails, tomorrow morning I'll come and run a race with you"

Finally there was an agreement only between the deer and the snail to run a race. At that time, it was getting late and finally left the deer slugs and snails at the same time and prepare a strategy and asks for help from his friends to win the game tomorrow morning against the deer, slugs hide his request that lined along the race track . And do not forget the snails to tell his friends that he appeared in front of the deer when the deer ber shouted.

It was getting dusk, snails and friends marched to the site that has been set and hiding lined along the race track, and at the same time the deer is also preparing to look for a bed and shelter of the night, and the night was passed

After a few moments later the deer have started to limp and exhausted due to run very fast and at the same time almost to the finish line sikancil deer face very excited that at last trip deer do not hear a sound answer to the Snail, hare feels that he is a winner of the race.
Just steps away deer has reached the finish line, and before the startled deer until the finish line at the finish line because there is already Snail sitting on a rock, and air to deer slugs yell: "Hi deer ... why are you so long? I here had been "
Finally, the Kancil walk heads down to the snail to admit defeat, and said slug: "So do not be arrogant you deer, you're so clever and smart animals, but you are not necessarily the most ingenious and clever", deer replied: "yes you true snails, I'm sorry and I will not arrogant anymore ".
Similarly, the Kancil is a fairy tale with Snails, this story contains a core message that one should not be so arrogant and should not feel smart, because there is heaven in the sky, there are still many people who are more intelligent and clever than that feel smart and ingenious.
who the main character in the story above?
What properties owned by the deer?
who the opponent deer?
Who won the race?
what deer do after accepting defeat?