Jawaban paling cerdas!
Pelayan:can I help you ma'am/sir??
Pembeli:yes,I want to buy a chocolate for my child..
Pelayan:let me take you to the chocolate ma'am..
Pembeli:thank you..

Pay the chocolate..

Pembeli:how much is the chocolate?
Cashier:it's only 3 US $
Pembeli: here it is
Cashier:thank you ma'am..,come back soon..
Pembeli:you're welcome
3 3 3
Pelayan : would i help you ma'am ?
pembeli : yes, i want to buy meat
pelayan : let me take to the meat ma'am
pembeli : thank you sir...

and then she pay the meat...

pembeli : how much is the meat?
kasir     : it's only 3,5 dollars
pembeli : here it is
kasir     : thank you ma'am..... come back soon
pembeli : you're welcome

3 2 3